Living With &
Beyond Cancer

The area focused on enabling individuals to make as full a return to normal life as possible from point of diagnosis onwards until end of life..

Group Aims

Group Aims

This is a unique initiative tailored specifically for those who support those living with and beyond cancer globally. The main aims are to encourage earlier detection and diagnosis and to reduce the gap between screening and presentation for further diagnostic tests and treatment. This should be accompanied by appropriate treatment and supportive care.

Having an online presence tackle obvious geographical boundaries across individual countries (and globally), providing a cost effective way in which to share resources and expertise, and to interact with other individuals working in this area, potentially leading to collaboration and the design and delivery of sustainable appropriate and supportive care.

Finally, it is hoped that a Community of Expertise will grow and flourish through this platform, potentially leading to better health systems related knowledge and better informative, advice and support to those living with and beyond cancer.

Building a Community of Expertise

Multi-stakeholder working:

Care Provision

Developing models of cancer care provision (information and support) through partnerships

Provision of Information

Timely provision of information and support from point of diagnosis onwards; helping individuals with psychological needs & quality of life issues.

Effective Solutions

Finding effective solutions to unmet needs e.g. role of patient advocacy and peer support groups.

Knowledge and Awareness:

As the Community of Expertise continues to build and gain momentum, the aim is to develop a list of local and national and global organisations which provide information on treatment for cancer in collaboration with the community and to raise awareness of existing resources. Information on how to refer to these organisations will also be provided.

An area will be developed for researchers to share lessons learnt and recommendations for future work. Each component will have its own dedicated area (webpage) with clear navigation to make the platform user-friendly. The Community of Expertise online platform will be developed to build partnership and to encourage membership from both academic and non-academic individuals from across the world, thus promoting engagement.

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