Stakeholder Groups

Bringing together
Key Stakeholders
in care.

Key stakeholders who support cancer patients globally e.g. health and care providers, employers, third sector organisations, researchers and government officials, will be able to access and utilise this platform at any time. It is anticipated that by using the Community of Expertise online platform, stakeholders will be better equipped to address the key gaps in research and practice and to support those with breast cancer.

What Does Success Look Like?

Short-term success of the platform will be measured by assessing the number of individuals who join the community and utilise the Community of Expertise online platform. In-built evaluation will explore the effectiveness of the platform through user feedback. Medium- to long-term success will be measured through the establishment of programmes of work geared towards changing behaviours and impacting quality of life outcomes for individuals with cancer. We anticipate that the design and use of this platform will evolve over time (as per user requirements) in order to have maximum benefit to stakeholders working to address the challenges faced in providing screening and treatment advice and support to cancer patients.

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